Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Personalize your ride with car accessories

There is a huge selection of auto parts and accessories that you can use to personalize your vehicle. We spend a lot of time in our vehicles, so it make sense to make it as comfortable and appealing as possible. The possibilities are almost endless, so where should you start?
It is always wise to look for the most value. I will affectionately define value as "a lot of bang for the buck." How can we get the most value out of customizing our vehicles? I like to start with the interior for several reasons. 1) You spend a lot of time in your car. 2) Interior accessories are typically less expensive than exterior accessories. 3) The results of some well chosen interior accessories can drastically improve your driving experience.
We can begin with some dash trim kits. There are lots of varieties out there, ranging from carbon fiber, wood grain, aluminum, and vinyl. Vinyl kits are relatively inexpensive, and can really complement the exterior of the car if you choose to match colors. You can also choose a vinyl dash kit that has a carbon fiber, aluminum or wood grain look to it for a fraction of the cost. This upgrade alone will create a new and exciting environment. These kits can be purchased for around $100.00.
Next, you can look at shift knobs and pedals. These are also a cool upgrade, and come in a variety of styles. Match these to your dash trim for an added appeal. Shift knobs can come lit with L.E.Ds for a really dramatic look. Pedals and shift knobs can both be found for less than $100.00 for both.
The next place we can turn is to the gauges. There are also some good options here, such as reverse white face gauges, digital gauges, and designer gauges. Keep the existing color scheme going and you will find yourself driving a new exotic version on your old car.
With all these in place, lets turn our attention to some aluminum floor mats. These floor mats can really add value to your vehicle by giving you a custom finish and protecting your existing carpet. Once these are installed, put a little neon underneath the dash to glow off of the floor mats. Match the neon colors to your dash trim and other accessories, and sit back and enjoy what will feel like a new ride!
The interior modifications are by far the most personally gratifying since we spend a lot of time in our cars, but dont forget about the effect that a good window tint job can have on your vehicles overall appearance. The results will give you a majestic modification.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Spray on window tint

Theres a new way to tint those hard-to-tint windows! Get some transparent black spray paint and get to work. This transparent paint works great when applied properly. Clean the windows as you would normally, then tape everything off to prevent over spray. Next, warm the cans of paint in warm to hot water to further liquify the paint. This will make it easier to apply. Now start with a very fine and thin first coat. Allow it to dry about 20 minutes. Then apply the second and third coats the same as the first. Take extra care to not get runs in the paint. You can do this by keeping the cans at least 12 inches from the glass. The transparent paint can also be used to "smoke" headlight and tail lights, and even chrome! The results can really be amazing if you invest the time and prepare the surfaces correctly.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Window Tint

Looking to tint your own windows? Window tinting is a relatively difficult endeavor, but with patience and proper coaching, you can acheive your desired results.

Start by working in a clean and dust free environment. Start cleaning the glass with window cleaner and a lint free cloth, working from the top downwards. It is imparative to get the window glass exceptionally clean for the best finish.

Next, remove anything from the vehicle that will obstruct your workspace. Remove the door panels, and the rubber wipes and seals from the doors. These may already be attached to the door panels. Once these are removed, clean any areas of the glass not yet clean. If you are fortunate enough to have a hatchback, remove the rear hatch to make the installation easier.

Start with the rear window first. It is always the hardest to do due to the limited space and its shape. Many rear windows have a compound cruve to them, which is very diffcult to cover correctly. We will alleviate this problem by creating our window tint film pattern on the outside of the window. If you have removed the rear hatch, this is not necessary. Lay out a couple of long strips over the outside rear window that overlap at the edges. Carefully cut the outside form of the rear window as close to perfect as possible, being sure to radius any pointed edges. You can do this by placing a coin in the corner and carving around it. Radius edges tend to not peel as easily as a pointed edge.

With the form cut out of the rear window you can transfer the film to the inside of the car. Sprat the glass with the window film solution and apply the pieces exactly as you did on the outside of the car, leaving the edges of the pieces to overlap slightly. Squeegee the air bubbles and solution from the film, starting in the middile of the center piece and working your way outwards. Then move to the top, and work from the top down, being careful to squeegee any air and slution from the overlapping seams.

Once the film is applied and all solution and air bubbles have been removed, take an exacto knife or razor blade and cut the overlapping pieces where they overlap. You can be sure to get a straight cut by using a straight edge like a ruler. Take care not to cut into any rear defroster wires when doing this. If done correctly, this method will give you a seamless looking back window. You can again take the squeegee and (carefully) go over the area again for smoothness. Wipe it dry with a lint free cloth.

The other windows will be a little easier than the rear window. You can create a template for these windows by cutting the window shape out of freezer paper or wax paper. Take the template and cut out the exact shape of the remaining windows and apply the window tint as before, being sure to radius the edges.

Window tint is relatively inexpensive, so if you mess up a sheet or a cut, just replace it. Your finished product will look as good as the effort you put into it. Check out our full line of auto accessories at our online store, or if you need more help with tinting windows, you can email support@majesticmodifications.com for more vehicle specific support.